smartwindows™ is a patented design system where the glass panes are fitted together without vertical frames (or intrusive framework) thereby providing unobstructed views of the surrounding.

smartwindows™ is mounted on aluminium top and bottom roller tracks and have the additional benefit over conventional products as it can be fully closed, fully opened or opened on a pane-by-pane basis.

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Our smartwindows™ is perfect for:

Home Owners

Suitable for all apartments and landed properties.

Besides balcony space, it is equally effective when used to sub-divide any space, such as, creating a home office or study area without reducing the visual space.

Business Owners

Suitable for retail shops, restaurants and hotels to enclose outside terrace areas allowing full use of facilities throughout the year regardless of weather conditions.

Features of smartwindows

1. All-glass slide-fold-park system
2. No vertical frame
3. 6mm or more tempered glass
4. Tinted or frosted glass available
5. Powder coated aluminium profiles available
6. Can be designed to fit almost all terraces, balconies and partitions, be it corners, angles or curved area.

Benefits of smartwindows

1. Protected from Rain, Wind, Noise & Dust

When the glass curtains are fully closed, they shield the balcony from rain, wind and dust and also provide insulation from noisy environment.

2. Simple to Use and Easy to Clean

The glass curtains can be smoothly slide, easily folded and neatly parked at the side of the openings. The glass curtains can also be folded inwards to allow for easy cleaning from the inside.

3. Furniture will Stay Cleaner

You can save quality time from regularly cleaning up the furniture at the balconies.

4. Enjoy your Balcony, Rain or Shine

You can read books and drink coffee at your balcony regardless of rain or shine.

5. Extended Living Space

With smartwindowsTM, you can have a fully extended living space which can be used all year round as the glass curtains do not take up much space when parked perpendicularly at the side of the openings.

6. Safe & Durable

smartwindowsTM uses 6mm, 8mm and 10mm tempered glass and the glass panels have passed the TÜV SÜD PSB endurance test whereby they are subject to 50,000 cycles of sliding operation at the rate of 5 cycles per minute. Based on a conservative estimate of 5 times sliding on a daily basis, the smartwindowsTM system can be used for more than 20 years.

7. Flexibility

smartwindowsTM provides variable openings to allow controlled wind flow into your living space as the glass curtains can be fully opened, fully closed or opened on a pane-by-pane basis.

8. Unobstructed Views

You can enjoy a completely unobstructed and panoramic view of the surrounding as there are no vertical frames in between the glass curtains.

9. Aesthetically Pleasing

The glass curtains can be open inwards or outwards and does not alter the external facade.